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Is an air purifier able to filter Covid19?

It feels great being out in the open but now in reality we spend 90% of our time indoors. Currently, with various studies pointing to covid 19 being airborne, it is time we pay more attention to the air we…

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Unfolding MQA: how to play MQA

Does MQA work with Roon and my DAC? Will my Tidal app offer me full MQA quality? If Tidal sends me a 48 kHz file, does the MQA decoding do upsampling? Just a number of questions I get asked a…

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Module 17: Air Cleaners for Nanoparticles

Hello, and welcome to "Air Cleaners for Nanoparticles". My name is Pete Raynor. I'm a faculty member at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. The learning objectives for this lesson are that, by the end of the module,…

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Air Purifiers that could filter COVID-19 viruses Indoors

Consumer report says running an air Purifier is a good idea to keep dust smoke and other allergens at bay inside your home. However it Isn’t a simple yes or no for an air purifier to be effective, it must…

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