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MYnd Analytics: Technology-Enabled Behavioral Heath Services

Robin thanks for being with us today thanks for have it great to see you now mine analytics is combine telemedicine and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized behavioral health treatment plans give us an overview of your technology so we do two things we improve access to care and we have tools for physicians to help determine what medication might be effective in the person in the behavioral health area so it’s a it’s using artificial intelligence to determine based on a eg waves the patterns of many many thousands thousands of patients to determine what medication we work in that person’s brain as I understand it there’s been over forty studies conducted on your technology from a lot of Ivy League schools but so give us a little history yeah so I look at this very similar to what we all know in cancer not all breast cancers are alike there are markers the bracha gene you know in lung cancers so we have to look for ways to determine the subtypes of a disease so that we can better determine how to treat a patient’s and now what we learned with many independent studies of Kos the embark trial which was the recent NIH funded trial is that EEG is a good predictive marker of diseases and behavioral health like depression and that by using the patterns we each have different EEG patterns and by using those patterns and following people out with their outcomes to different medications we can determine how your brain will respond to a particular medication and that helps give a tool to physicians when we go to treat you to understand better what classes may work for your brain based on those patterns and specifically what drugs in those classes Robin what’s the essential value proposition afford investors today and you can talk about the recent merger you announced with Emmaus Life Sciences and this as you answer the question you know there’s a couple of trends now that are very important I think in medicine one is moving toward value-based medicine how do you access to care improve quality and lower cost and behavioral health is an area that’s a very large focus because about 25% of people in their lifetime will have a behavioral health condition you know there are many many out there so how do you help individuals get access to care and we do that through telemedicine and then how do we give tools to the primary care physicians the doctors who were really frontline before they even get to a psychiatrist to help them have tools to determine objectively what the right medications will be so really we as AI we have telemedicine which is a growing space now to improve access to care and it’s a time where we’re able to look to maximize shareholder value the recent acquisition that we announced we signed a definitive agreement to bring a commercial company it with a biotechnology company in sickle cell disease where they just started to commercialize their product and in this merger transaction and then the spin-off of the mind business and the Arcadia telemedicine business our investors will be able to have what I call two bites of the Apple ownership in new company Maius as well as they’ll hold all the ownership in the mind and Arcadia business and so the the acquisition is a company that has a drug approved for sickle cell anemia as I understand it and if you look at some of the comps in that space you’re seeing a billion dollar plus market cap so they would keep six percent of that company that you acquired while also owning my analytics correct you know yes so you will hold percent of the merged companies for our shareholders and of course I can’t give guidance but you’re right it’s it’s a company that has first mover advantage was one of the first approved drugs for sickle cell in a very long time and it’s an area focused now where people are looking for ways to prevent those sickle cell crisis sees and people coming into the ER and coming back to the doctor so the therapy that they have is exciting he started to commercialize and now how do they expand and what’s important to realize is well there’s only 100 some cases in the United States there’s over 20 million people worldwide that have sickle cell so the opportunity isn’t just in the United States or globally and hopefully once we have the merger Wilkinson continued to see progress and their expansions about the world apart from the again the acquisition of Linnaeus’s life science let’s go back to the telemedicine and the Averell health technology how big is the market opportunity in general it’s tremendous I mean if you think about the fact that 25% of people will have a behavioral health issue you can see that’s a very large part of the population just in the United States alone we are constantly seeing people saying this is an underserved population I believe just yesterday we saw an executive order from Trump looking at veteran suicides to work together to use technology and reduce the suicides that are current over 20 a day looking just to ER visits 10% of those visits on people coming to the emergency room for behavioral health issues not necessarily in the treatment perspective but the access there’s no where they can go to get help so they go to the emergency room so billions and millions of dollars is being spent in mental health diseases and having a more effective tools to improve that access to care to reduce the trial narrow prescribing should have a dramatic impact not just on quality and overall cost and again to clarify so by giving the patient in EEG your technology can determine which drug would best suit that person to treat their particular mental health problem is that correct yeah you know 17 million people in the United States have been on two medications and are what’s called refractory they’re just not responding well to care so it really is trial and error prescribing and very often that makes people not come back to the physician you know or the under that treatment they start self-medicating with alcohol drug abuse and it really is an area where we’re just not serving properly or having a solution for the disease way that no trial-and-error prescribing just isn’t working Robin you have a program with the US government I’d like you to talk about that program you also have a pilot program with horizon and New Jersey could you comment on those two programs so you know with the government unless you’re a provider inside say a VA the way it works is you have to apply to be in the GSA so what they do is they negotiate contracts with vendors and now that there are these tools and technologies that are more IT related you know we’ve been able to work on getting a contract so it’s a negotiated rate five-year contract which can be renewed with the government so that anyone the mental health in the government area that’s looking for technologies and services can go to their GSA and take and utilize those services on the negotiated rate so now we have to take that information and let people know that we’re on the GSA that it’s out there and you know look for ways to drive revenues and get patients and into that contract so we’re pretty excited about that and that’s very recent and then over a year ago we started a pilot program app a pilot program with horizon of New Jersey and Hackensack meridian and you know we’re working to utilize the tool the pure report in with physicians so half of the physicians will get the peer report and look at that tool to help determine what right medication is for the patient half won’t and then we’ll look at the differences and outcomes not just from quality but also cost because the Pharmakon aam extend unn there’s a four point seven x savings for more physicians if they utilize that tool that’s what this analysis that was done Stamford showed so now we want to show more real life that how this will occur in today’s healthcare system so we’re really excited about that and what’s important there is there’s about or million lives under the horizon umbrella and so 16 percent of those individuals will be on those kinds of medications or and anxiety you know manic mania eating disorders etc so that’s the pool the question is if this becomes a standard of care what would that look like so of a or close to 3 million population that’s 600,000 people just in New Jersey that’s the population that we have that we could really focus on and help these are tools to improve the care both in access and quality and make sure that they are on a medication that’s most efficient and works best by that so you can see that really plays out we charge about $800 for the test in its entirety including the EEG and the report so that can grow very quickly when you go from a pilot to become standard of care so that would be our hope for the future and we’ll continue to work with other payers to show them how this can be a benefit to their population of members what they insure Robin to recap what’s the main takeaway for investors today why should they own your stock today I think the main takeaway is we have great technology good intellectual property and both we now have telemedicine as well as this tool to reduce trial and error prescribing and we are really behavioral health companies with tools that can have an impact to care we have additional leadership that we brought on is a gentleman who’s been focused on building businesses understands you know how innovation and tools can impact hair-growing networks and we’re excited for him to bring these two businesses together really drive the growth of the business and also because we’re able in this transaction with Emmaus to put that together now is the time where if you’re a shareholder and you hold that stock till we close the transaction which we’re on track for though by you know to complete by the end of the first half of this year you will get a piece of Emmaus as well as mind analytics so it’s an opportunity to get two bites of the Apple and two businesses both with commercial products and that are generating revenue so you know often with drug development there’s always a risk there but we’re past that risk and that this is a revenue generating company and same with mine analytics clinical trials have been done they’re getting reimbursement and now it’s just about scale and you know taking the opportunities out there and been successful excellent Robin thanks for being with us today thank you so much for having us and hopefully you’ll continue to watch our progress you

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