The top-selling air purifiers in US 2019

 All of us would like the air inside our homes and offices to be clean and it is always wondered what air purifier makes the best buy; hence Review best Air Purifiers might be interesting for most of you. We will provide our customers with independent opinion, which does not meant to advertise any products but purely intends to find the best products that market offers today. Here is our list of air purifiers:

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Top 5 Air Purifiers 

Rabbit Air Munis A2. This device has plenty of different features as well as its cleaning power stands second to none. It has a unique design as the appliance is completely flat and could be located next to any wall or behind other devices or furniture in room or office. Its dimensions are very compact and it looks like a flat television but without a screen. It could be equipped with GS HEPA filter or a carbon filter. Customization is also possible to satisfy any clients’ needs. If opting for Ion generator it is completely unique as it neutralizes air contaminations but does not produce ozone. It is an absolute gift and an ultra-quiet machine that is capable to clean 815 sq. ft. and could be yours for around USD 600.00.

Levoit Compact Air Purifier. This is a very compact device that can be placed even on the table. It is capable to clean the air in a room size of 322 sq. ft. It has a cylindrical shape and very attractive design with some neon lighting at the top. The tool is extremely energy efficient too as it consumes only 28 Watts. HEPA original filter will ensure that virtually anything that exists in the air and makes its contamination is eliminated. Smoke, dust, odor, mold, pets’ smells will be removed and the air at your home will be absolutely pristine. It is also competitively priced at only around USD 90.00, which makes this air purifier very affordable and highly desirable.

3. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover is a unique air purifier. It is designed to be contemporary and it is featured in the only one black color. The device is meant to be used in spaces of up to 465 sq. ft. There are many options that can be used to equip with different filters but the standard one features original HEPA filter. Depended on specification and filters are installed inside the price will vary from approximately USD 200.00-630.00. It is purely up to the buyer what is preferred to be installed inside and what are the purposes of different filters can be. This is why it makes it our number two in our Review best Air Purifiers.

AIRMEGA 300S Smart Enabled Air Purifier. This is a highly desirable model that can clean large rooms and space in houses and offices. It is initially capable of cleaning the spaces of up to 1256 sq. ft. that makes it a very powerful tool. The purifier has impeccable design that will be ideal for both houses and offices. It looks like a squared closet on for stands with a very attractive appearance. The appliance can be equipped with original HEPA filters or with carbon filters. The features include remote controls via applications that can be used on iOS or android devices. It allows to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality, set speed controls, filter lifecycles etc. It is all yours for USD 425.00-750.00 depended on the filter specification.

5.Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner. As its name suggests the purifier is meant to clean the air from pets smells, capturing pet’s hair and larger airborne particles. The device also has the feature of Plasma Wave technology, which is absolutely unique as it neutralizes viruses, different bacteria, gasses, odors and other pollutants. The tool has smart sensors and auto mode. Sensor display will allow to preset the purifier to work in the desired mode and to do its work with maximum efficiency. It has an attractive design, so it will perfectly be fitted at your home or office without any problems. The price ranges from USD 210.00-330.00.


 When it comes to Review best Air Purifiers, it has to be mentioned that here are hundreds of different models that are offered on the market today. We have chosen the most interesting specimens that have unique features, design, and capabilities and are competitively priced. We believe that our article help to obtain some information that indicates where the trend of this market is going to and will help you to keep up to date. Therefore if one day you decided to make the purchase you know what features and aspects will have to be considered.


The 8 best dyson air purifier

The 8 best dyson air purifier

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The 8 best ionic air purifier

To kick start our discussion, it is important to explain what ionic air purifier is and what its prime difference compare to other types of similar products. I very simple terms these are air cleaners with no filters installed inside. There are two types of ionic purifiers. First are the electrostatic precipitators and the second are ionizers. Both are pretty effective in cleaning air and it main advantage is low price. The principles of work are also very simple. Electrostatic precipitators have positive and negative plates, which are charged with electricity, so particles are simply collected when they pass by. Ionizers produce a negative ion charge and collect the dust, mold spore, pollen etc. When it comes to ...

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The 8 best holmes air purifiers

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The 8 best honeywell air purifiers

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