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The 8 best ionic air purifier

The 8 best ionic air purifier

To kick start our discussion, it is important to explain what ionic air purifier is and what its prime difference compare to other types of similar products. I very simple terms these are air cleaners with no filters installed inside. There are two types of ionic purifiers. First are the electrostatic precipitators and the second are ionizers. Both are pretty effective in cleaning air and it main advantage is low price. The principles of work are also very simple. Electrostatic precipitators have positive and negative ...

The 8 best best hepa air purifiers

The 8 best best hepa air purifiers

First of all each person should know what HEPA is about and what it is. This is an abbreviation for the term High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance , which stands for unique technology that is applied to make air filters. The original filters are capable to clean the air by removing 99.97 percent of small particles with the size of 0.3 microns. This is an outstanding performance that will make absolutely clean in a room or office of virtually any size. However, there is the other flip of the coin that there is a patent ...

The 8 best holmes air purifiers

The 8 best holmes air purifiers

It is certain that the main benefit of having a Holmes air purifier at home or the office where your business is located is to have a clean air. It is not a prescription but clearly helps to breathe easier and contributes for our well-being and health of our lungs. There are lots of different particles that flying in the air including dust, pet dander, pollen as well as smoke from tobacco can remain in the air for extremely long time. Holmes air purifier is an effective remedy to remove these particles from the air and ...

The 8 best honeywell air purifiers

The 8 best honeywell air purifiers

No matter where we are, whether it is our home or office, having clean air is our holy right. Vey often people are not aware that even though it looks like the air is clean; there are so many different invisible particles like animals dander, pollen, ordinary dust and many other things getting into our lungs every second. This negatively affects our health overall as well as older people and these who have allergy problems suffer the most! Honeywell air purifier is the solution to keep the air clean at all times and the ...